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GAINS: Chicken Legs


Leg day is my least favorite day of the week in terms of workouts, and I’m not alone in that regard.  It’s just not a fun routine to me, and I don’t get any sort of high from it like I do from other routines.  There’s a sort of stigma that comes with “skipping leg day” but I do not skip leg day.  I may not go as hard as other days, but I do understand the importance of a good lower body.

I always start my leg routine with squats.  I try to go as deep and heavy as possible to maximize my effort, but with special attention to form.  Sometimes I’ll end up dedicating the entire leg routine to squats due to either laziness or lack of specialized equipment like leg press machines.  My legs may still be sticks after two years of lifting, but those sticks can squat 230 pounds.

You may think leg day sucks.  You may hate it.  Do not skip it.   Legs are one of the largest muscle groups and provide a lot of functional strength across the entire body.  Once you finish your routine, you’re that much closer to a more enjoyable muscle group.