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GAINS: Give It A Rest


You’ve been giving it your all in the gym the past few days and you’re feeling great.  Tonight, on that precious first set of preacher curls, you feel a sharp pain in your wrists all the way up to your elbows.  You shake it off, saying it’s just some early-routine tightness, but the pain progresses as you progress into the routine.  It’s time to give it a rest.

Injury from weightlifting can be very discouraging.  It’s hard to take a day or two off that you hadn’t previously accounted for, because as hard as it is to stop, it’s even harder to start again with the same intensity that may have caused the injury.  A general rule of thumb I follow is to rest until I feel 100%, do some light movements to test my range of motion and check for pain, then rest another day.  Rest days are as important as lift days, and it’s very important to allow your muscles time to repair and develop.