The Cave – Arcade, Gym, Sanctuary

A Day at The Cave - With Stories from Corey, Brandon, Seth, and Rob


It’s Fall 2012.  It’s my first semester of college and the only thing getting me by is watching the Game Grumps on Youtube, a show from two friends sitting on a couch enjoying some retro games.  After class one day, my friend Seth invites me to come over to play pool in his dad’s recently vacated garage.  I decide to bring over an old TV and a Super Nintendo to see if I could resurrect that love for old games I had as a kid.  The next night, I bring over another TV and a Nintendo 64.  Almost three years later, we’re 10 consoles and 6 televisions strong.


The Cave by the Numbers – Click to Enlarge


One day in Spring 2013, Seth’s brother-in-law decided to use The Cave to store his workout equipment.  Before long, my friend Brandon and I decided to give it a try, and I immediately fell in love with the feeling of pushing myself beyond my limits.  Like many aspects of The Cave, the gym portion has grown a lot over the years.  We began with a single bench and a weight machine, but the gym has expanded to include a dip rack and pull-up bar, a second bench, and a squat rack.  Brandon and I have certainly grown with it.


Though the gains may get most of our attention these days, the games are what built The Cave.  Containing just over 250 games over 10 systems and 6 televisions, you could say we’re dedicated.  Sometimes all it takes to cure a sour mood is to come in, pick up a controller, and share some laughs with good company.  We’re all gamers at heart at The Cave, and although competition can get the best of us sometimes, the arcade portion is perhaps the best testament to the fact that The Cave is all about love and comradery.


I think everyone who has put their heart into The Cave can say that they grew up there.  For me, it’s certainly been a bit of a sanctuary from all sorts of negativity.  It’s an escape that I’ve ran to nearly every day at around 4:30 in the afternoon for two and a half years now.  It’s a place where I can completely be myself around the people who mean the world to me, and it’s also a place where I can work on what it means to “be myself.”  What some people may see as a bunch of kids hanging out in a shed has become a very close-knit family, and we work very hard to keep it that way.

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