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CAVE CULTURE: Growing Things Other Than Ourselves


A love for growing flowers probably isn’t the first thing you’d think of a group of mostly guys who spend their time playing video games and lifting weights.  Starting late summer 2014, Brandon and I saw all of the seeds and pots at Dollar General were 80% off, and we decided to start a small garden.  What was once an impulse buy has become a great hobby for us.


It’s hard to not be proud of these little plants.  Most of them have been either grown from seeds, or bought half-dead off of the clearance rack at Lowe’s and nursed back to life.  None of us have any sort of gardening experience, but we are steadily developing green thumbs.  These flowers provide another interesting aspect to The Cave, as well as carry on the theme of growth and improvement.




There are many special places in South Louisiana, but none are more dear to me than The Cave in Schriever.  Though it may seem like a regular sheet metal building at a regular house, inside is one part gym, one part arcade, and one part crucible for greatness.  Hopefully this blog can provide a window into that world.

This blog is also one part gym and one part arcade.  I will be providing workout tips, stories, and sample routines, as well as impressions on games we play, gameplay footage, and weekly competitions.  I hope to inspire you to make a commitment to bettering yourself, whether that be in video games or weightlifting, and to show you that a little drive and determination goes a long way in both.